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G-protein signaling_Rap2B regulation pathway
G-protein signaling_Rap2B regulation pathway

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MR-GEF, GGTase-I, PLC-epsilon, M-RAS, PDZ-GEF1, Beta-1 adrenergic receptor, Rap-2B


Rap2B regulation pathway

RAP2B member of RAS oncogene family ( Rap-2B ) is a member of the Ras-like small GTPases family expressed in platelets. The protein is known to influence platelet activation [1], [2], [3].

Rap-2B is posttranslationally modified by geranylgeranylation, catalyzed by Geranylgeranyltransferase type I ( GGTase-I ) [4], [5].

Activity of Rap-2B is mainly regulated by guanine nucleotide exchange factors (GEFs) that promote GTP-bound (active) state of Rap-2B. Main GEFs for Rap-2B are Rap guanine nucleotide exchange factors 2 and 5 ( PDZ-GEF1 and MR-GEF ) [6]. Activated Adrenergic beta-1 receptor ( Beta-1 adrenergic receptor ) directly binds to PDZ-GEF1 and stimulates its GEF activity [7]. MR-GEF is regulated by Muscle RAS oncogene homolog ( M-RAS ) that binds to and inhibits MR-GEF activity [6].

Activated Rap-2B can stimulate enzymatic activity of Phospholipase C epsilon 1 ( PLC-epsilon ) [8], [9].


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