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1. Immune response_MIF-mediated glucocorticoid regulation  [score: 0.0066040703]

Objects (click to open in MetaCore): c-Jun, I-kB, NF-kB, IFN-gamma, iNOS, NFKBIA, ICAM1, CD74, IL-2, ETS1, IKK, glucocorticoids, ERK1/2, MIF, c-Fos, COX-2, IL-8, GCR -alpha, VCAM1, IL-6, MMP-1, TNF-alpha

Description: " overcomes the inhibitory effects of glucocorticoids on TNF-alpha, IL-6 and IL-8 production, restores IL-2 and IFN-gamma production, and antagonizes the glucocorticoid inhibition of the production of several"

2. Immune response_MIF in innate immunity response  [score: 0.0039934525]

Objects (click to open in MetaCore): NF-kB p50/p65, COX-2, TAB2, I-kB, TNF-alpha, MIF, C/EBPbeta, p38 MAPK, IFN-gamma,, TAB1, IL-8, p53, Arachidonic acid,, CD14, MEK4(MAP2K4), iNOS, NO, IRAK4, JNK(MAPK8-10), (L)-Arginine, p300, LBP, MD-2, MEKK1(MAP3K1), c-Jun, MyD88, SITPEC (ECSIT), PU.1, IL-6, Prostaglandin G2, IRAK1/2, IKK-beta, TAK1(MAP3K7), LPS, IL-1 beta, TLR4, TRAF6, IKK (cat)

Description: " degradation. This allows NF-kB p50/p65 to translocate to the nucleus and induce the expression of Nitric oxide synthase 2A ( iNOS ), Prostaglandin-endoperoxide synthase 2 ( COX-2 ) and proinflammatory cytokines"

3. Apoptosis and survival_APRIL and BAFF signaling  [score: 0.003979408]

Objects (click to open in MetaCore): NF-kB p50/p50, COX-2, MIP-1-beta, NIK(MAP3K14), TRAF6, CD21, NF-AT2(NFATC1), RelA (p65), MEKK1(MAP3K1), NF-kB2 (p52), APRIL(TNFSF13), NF-AT1(NFATC2), BAFF-R, IKK-alpha, Bcl-XL, Calcineurin A (catalytic), TRAF3, IKK-gamma, CAML, TRAF5, NF-kB p50/p65, IKK-beta, BFL1, NF-kB1, IKK (cat), BAFF(TNFSF13B), IL-10, Cyclophilin B, MEK4(MAP2K4), CD23, BCMA(TNFRSF17), JNK(MAPK8-10), NF-kB2 (p100), Bcl-2, TACI(TNFRSF13B), RelB, TRAF2, I-kB

Description: " inflammation proteins Chemokine ligand 4 ( MIP-1 beta ), Interleukin 10 ( IL-10 ) [9] and Prostaglandin-endoperoxide synthase 2 ( COX-2 ) in TACI -dependent manner [10], [11]. Moreover, these transcription"

4. Neurophysiological process_PGE2-induced pain processing  [score: 0.003976486]

Objects (click to open in MetaCore): Na(+) extracellular region, Ca(2+) cytosol, PKA-cat, PKA-cat, Adenylate cyclase, None,, Glycine receptor, SLC21A2, Glycine receptor alpha chain, G-protein alpha-s, cAMP, Prostaglandin G2, Glycine receptor beta chain, G-protein alpha-s,, SCN10A, Arachidonic acid, Cl(-) n(extracellular region), cPLA2, PGE2R3, Na(+) cytosol, cAMP, None, Capsaicin receptor, None, PKA-reg, Prostaglandin H2, PGES,, NMDA receptor, None, PKA-reg, COX-2, PGE2R2, PGE2R4, Prostaglandin E2 (extracellular region),, Adenylate cyclase, GLRA3,, Cl(-) n(cytosol), Prostaglandin E2 cytoplasm, PGES2, (L)-Glutamic acid extracellular region, COX-1,, Glycine extracellular region, Ca(2+) extracellular region

Description: " prostaglandin precursors Prostaglandin G2 and Prostaglandin H2 by constitutively expressed Cyclooxygenase-1 ( COX-1 ) or inducible Cyclooxygenase-2 ( COX-2 ). Prostaglandin H2 is further converted by"

5. Immune response_IL-1 signaling pathway  [score: 0.0039723725]

Objects (click to open in MetaCore): UEV1A, COX-2, UBC13, IL1RAP, MEK4, NF-kB p50/p65, NIK, AP-1, p38alpha , TAB1, IKK-alpha, IRAK4, TRAF6, STAT1, IL-1 alpha, MEK6, TAK1, MEKK1, Endothelin-1, iNOS, IL-6, JNK(MAPK8-10), TNF-alpha, MyD88, IL-1RI, IL-8, IKK-gamma, IKK (cat), F3, IL-1 beta, PAI1, c-Jun/c-Jun, IKK-beta, Ceruloplasmin, MEK3, TOLLIP, IRF1, c-Jun, Ubiquitin, IRAK1, TAB2, SITPEC, I-kB, Heme oxygenase 1

Description: "-kB p50/p65 to translocate into the nucleus and induce the expression of Interferon regulatory factor 1 ( IRF1 ), Heme oxygenase 1, Prostaglandin-endoperoxide synthase 2 ( COX-2 ), Nitric oxide synthase 2"

6. Development_HGF signaling pathway  [score: 0.0033248188]

Objects (click to open in MetaCore): HGF, COX-2 (PTGS2), PtdIns(4,5)P2, MEKK1 (MAP3K1), MKK7 (MAP2K7), IP3, MEK2(MAP2K2), SOS, STAT3, PtdIns(3,4,5)P3, AKT(PKB), GSK3 beta, EGR1, HGFA,, FasR(CD95), Syndecan-1, SNAIL1, CrkL, TCF7L2 (TCF4), PI3K reg class IA, DAG, PLC-gamma 1, Elk-1, JNK(MAPK8-10), c-Fos, C3G, GAB1, PLAU (UPA), c-Jun, CRK, RAP-1A, PDK (PDPK1),, PI3K cat class IA, Shc, Rac1, E-cadherin, ERK1/2, Beta-catenin, MEK4 (MAP2K4), H-Ras, DOCK2, GRB2, HGF receptor (Met), c-Raf-1, MEK1(MAP2K1)

Description: " proceeds via activation of transcriptional factor AP-1 by ERK1/2 -dependent transcription of Cyclooxygenase-2 ( COX-2 (PTGS2) ) [19]. ERK1/2 -dependent activation of COX-2 is, probably, mediated ..."

7. Transcription_PPAR Pathway  [score: 0.003314888]

Objects (click to open in MetaCore): Troglitazone quinone cytoplasm, PPAR-alpha, PPAR-gamma, H-Ras, Fenofibrate, TRIP2, PPAR-alpha/RXR-alpha, PtdIns(4,5)P2, Prostaglandin I2 cytoplasm,, Erk (MAPK1/3), GRB2, PI3K reg class IA, PKA-reg n(cAMP-dependent), Bezafibrate, Prostaglandin H2,, 13-HPODE, TGF-beta receptor type I, COX-2 (PTGS2), MEK3(MAP2K3), SMRT, Arachidonic acid, TAK1(MAP3K7), G-protein alpha-s, p38alpha (MAPK14), RXRA, SOS, Shc, PI3K cat class IA, 15d-PGJ2, ATP cytosol, PPAR-beta(delta), XIAP, PDGF receptor, N-CoR, cAMP, AKT(PKB), Long-chain fatty acid, PTGIS, PtdIns(3,4,5)P3, MEK1(MAP2K1), IRS-1, Clofibrate, c-Raf-1, NCOA1 (SRC1), Leukotriene B4 cytoplasm, SHP, PKA-cat n(cAMP-dependent), PPAR-beta(delta)/RXR-alpha, Ciprofibrate, MEK6(MAP2K6), Insulin receptor, p38 MAPK, PPAR-gamma/RXR-alpha, 15-HETE racemic, Adenylate cyclase type I,, Retinoic acid cytosol,, Linoleic acid

Description: " activated by prostacyclin, which is synthesized from arachidonic acid by Prostaglandin-endoperoxide synthase 2 ( COX-2 ) and Prostaglandin I2 synthase ( PTGIS ) [15]. Moreover, many artificial PPAR ligands"

8. Prostaglandin 2 biosynthesis and metabolism FM  [score: 0.0029657688]

Objects (click to open in MetaCore): PGI2,,,, DHRS4,,, HPGD,, COX-2 (PTGS2), None, 12-13,14-Dihydro-PGJ2 delta,, PGH2,, 15-Hydroperoxyprostacyclin,, Arachidonic acid,, ALOX12B, 15-hydroperoxy-PGE1, PRDX5,, 13,14-dihydro-PGF2alpha, THAS,, 15-oxo-Prostaglandin H2, None, 6-Keto-prostaglandin E1, PGHD,, CYP4F12,, 5.3.3.-, ALDX,,, None, 15-oxo-Prostaglandin I2,, spontaneous,,, PRDX4,, None,, PTGIS, Prostaglandin B2,,, PGG2, 20-Hydroxy-prostaglandin H1,,, 15-Keto-PGF2alpha,, 12-hydroxyheptadeca-5,8,10-trienoic acid,, Prostaglandin J2, Prostaglandin F2 alpha, COX-1 (PTGS1),,, Thromboxane A2 , PGE2 , 1.13.11.-,, None,, PRDX1, 15-Hydroperoxy-PGE2, CBR2, PGD2, 13,14-Dihydro-15-keto-PGF2alpha,, Thromboxane B2 , Prostaglandin C2, AKR1C3, 5,6-Dihydro-15-keto-prostaglandin E2, LTB4DH, Prostaglandin A2, 13,14-dihydro-15-keto-PGE2, 15-hydroperoxy-5,8,10-heptadecatrienoic acid,, LOXE3, PGES, PRDX3, None, 6-Keto-prostaglandin F1alpha, Carbonyl reductase [NADPH] 3, PRDX2, CBR1, 15-keto-prostaglandin E2,, PGES2, 15-Hydroperoxy-PGD2, 11-epi-PGF2alpha, 9-Oxo-PGF2alpha, 15-Hydroperoxythromboxane B2,, PGDS

Description: "Prostaglandin 2 biosynthesis and metabolism FM Prostaglandin biosynthesis starts with arachidonic acid that is oxidized to Prostaglandin H2 ( PGH2 ) by Prostaglandin G/H synthase 1 precursor ( COX-1"

9. HETE and HPETE biosynthesis and metabolism  [score: 0.0029584991]

Objects (click to open in MetaCore): 14,15-DHET, 11,12-EET, CYP2E1,,,, 14(R),15(S)-diETE, CYP4A11, EPHX2,, 12(S),20-diHETE,, ALOX15B, 5(S),20-diETE,,,,,,, 5(S)-HETE, COX-1 (PTGS1), 8,9-EET, 15(S)-HETE, 8,9-DHET,, COX-2 (PTGS2), 5(S),12(S)-diHPETE,,,,, 14,15-EET, CYP2C9, Arachidonic acid, 12(S)-HPETE, PGH2, 19-HETE, 12(R)-HETE, 15(S)-HPETE,,, 5(S),15(S)-diHPETE, GPX4 (PHGPx),, 14(R),15(S) -diHPETE,,, 8(S),15(S)-diETE,,,, 12(R)-HPETE, CYP4F3,, 5,6-EET, ALOX5, 11,12-DHET, 20-HETE, CYP4F2, 14,15-LTA4, ALOX12, PTGIS, 5(S)-HPETE, ALOX12B,,,, GPX1,, ALOX15, 1.13.11.-,, CYP2C8,, MGST3, 5(S),15(S)-diETE, 12(S)-HETE, MGST2, THAS,,, 15-OxoETE, CYP2J2

Description: "HETE and HPETE biosynthesis and metabolism Besides Prostaglandin-endoperoxide synthase 1 (prostaglandin G/H synthase and cyclooxygenase) ( COX-1) and Prostaglandin-endoperoxide synthase 2"

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